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9 days ago

That’s about my speed- I started this blog 9 days ago, and it seems like “just yesterday” so naturally today (which is simply “the next day”) I’ll write in my Blog again, like a good little disciplined writer. Well, I am still (smirk) pretty proud that I even got back to it in 9 days. 9 days is acceptable, because it sounds closer to a week than to 10 days. I mean, you can say “oh, it’s just been a little over a week” and you’re off the hook. But no way, it’s inexcusable if it’s been “almost 10 days!!!!” because no one really can picture 10 days, so they just put it into Week Two and then you’re screwed because it’s basically been 2 weeks. See, THAT’S one of the problems with the mid-life brain (and it’s NOT gender specific for a change…) we just don’t have a handle on time. Not like when you’re young and when you say time you’re really talking about recent  time, like being on time, or slightly late, or a little early. That’s what time means to The Young. It’s the right-now, coming-up, just-happened kind of Time. In mid-life, we are WAY past that trivial way of perceiving Time. (Sadly, some of us have never really gotten a handle on being on time, let alone early, but at least when we’re really  late we have a valid excuse, not just that we were screwing our girlfriend). But I digress… Now, the problem with Time is WAY bigger. It’s the EPIC sense of Time. “Honey, let’s go back to that restaurant we went to on the Coast last summer. Or last winter, or…when was it?” -“Babe, it was like 3 years ago, you remember, right after we just met, we took off for that romantic day trip, that time we saw those seagulls in the road and they just would NOT move?” -“Sweetie, those seagulls were not even on our coast, that was on our Honeymoon when we went to the EAST coast. And it wasn’t a day trip because the restaurant was in that hotel where we stayed. I remember now, it was last winter, it was all rainy and stormy and is WAS romantic (you got that part right), and they didn’t have any local beer on tap and it made me mad but I like my Pasta Primavera and you had a great burger.”  -“Hon, the time we ate at that restaurant when it was super stormy was that one time the weekend after Spring Break, and we had breakfast so I know for sure that you did NOT try to order a beer.” -“Hmm. Well, I thought that was with someone else.” WHOA!!! Reader beware, do not EVER admit that the memory you have of being some where, some time, doing some thing  was WITH SOMEONE ELSE. That will F#&! with your brain and mess up any chance of ever getting a handle on “Time” as we know it. End of discussion. But do you see what I’m saying? That’s the Epic sense of Time that now concerns me. The places and people and awesome things I’ve done are all melting into one big Past-Blob. And I honestly cannot put the finger of my memory on when the Heck or where the Tarnation that place or person or event exists. So cheers and hats off to me for even remembering that I started a Blog, and give me a little bit of a break about how long it took to come back to my second post. And next time someone says to you “It’s about time!”, you can think of this and you’ll be like “Yeah. Yeah, it is. It’s about Time.”

HaHa! Really? Me, blogging?

Yeah, I hit “Got it, I’m ready to write” because I have no idea how to manage widgets, add linkable content, or even include photos. What photos am I going to include? You don’t know me, and you don’t care. YET. I say YET because, hey, this is what EverdayMidlife is all about. Me, at middle age, trying to figure out “What the….?” My ‘youth’ is behind me (way behind, coming in LAST I think), and my “old age” is way ahead (yeah, I don’t even SEE the leader, I think she’s definitely WAY up there)… But you know what I mean? This is the middle of life, and it’s what we are dealing with every single day. Kids (growing up, probably at least teenagers by now, maybe 1/2 of an empty nest), but career is in full swing, savings is “meh”, vacation time has built up enough that we finally get to say “OK, where should we go now?”, and when the weekend rolls around whaddya know, we actually want to stay home! So, it’s the everyday of what’s going on in mid-life. The inspiration came when I was breaking up from a totally psychotic relationship, pretty much drunk all the way home from the last nightmare trip with the EX and kicking myself for agreeing to even go, and bullet point by bullet point I listed all the funny quirky regular things going on for me as 50 was approaching. The only thing that really empowered me was knowing that a LOT of other people were going through the same thing. It was like being 29 all over again (which was nightmare ENOUGH, but no, not again!). The end of this “ex” and the path ahead that lead to single, 2 kids, and 50, inspired me with a forceful and poetic might that I had the urge to blog. So, let’s just see where this goes, and how and why and all of that. Maybe this is already the end of this beginning, but at least I’ve done it, I’ve got proof, and it puts a smile on my face. And that’s just about all I need at this point in my life.